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When Is It Time To Replace Your Hot Water Tank?

This is a big question with many different answers. It seems that every month we are replacing a tank that was left to deteriorate to the point where water damage was caused to the home. As hot water tanks age they loose their efficiency and should be replaced.

Below is a list of “tell-tale signs” to help you know when its time to change your water heater hopefully before its too late.

  1. Water is not as hot as it used to be: Test the water .If you turn on a hot water tap and the water is cold, or if you expect to climb into a nice, hot shower and are blindsided by icy water, it’s probably time to replace your hot water tank.
  2. Check hot water duration: See how long your supply of hot water lasts. If you used to take much longer showers before the hot water ran out, there is probably a problem with the tank. You may need a new one.
  3. Look for puddles: Check the floor around your hot water tank for standing water. If there are puddles or pools of water around the base of the tank or a stream of water running from the tank to a floor drain, there may be a major enough leak that you will need a replacement.
  4. Check for smaller leaks: Inspect the fittings and plumbing connections. If there is water, sludge, or corrosion, there is likely a leak, and it may be time to get a new tank.
  5. Listen to your hot water heater. If it frequently makes clanging noises, or if you hear pops or other unusual sounds, there is probably a mechanical problem. You will need a replacement tank.
  6. Check the age of your hot water tank. Most hot water tanks are warrantied for 5 to 10 years. While many last for years beyond the warranty’s expiration, if you notice inadequacies in your tank’s performance and the tank is beyond its warranty date, it’s probably time to get a new one.

***Some insurance companies may not cover a claim if the damage was caused by a water heater past it’s warranty date.

Our team can also service or repair your current tank, as well as evaluate whether or not it is time to replace the one you have. Newer tanks often offer higher energy efficiency ratings, meaning that over time a new unit can pay for itself in savings. To learn more, or to get started, contact us today.

How to check how many years warranty are on your John Wood water heater.

Below we have provided a how to read your hot water tank serial number to see how many years warranty you have, based on the year.

rattingIf your Serial number has a letter in front of it, example S,T,U This letter represents the length of warranty on that hot water heater – Warranty Code. (not all serial numbers have a letter in front of it)

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