DIY Inspection of Your Hot Water Tank

Your hot water tank may need to be replaced if you have some of these problems:

  • Cold water
  • Less hot water
  • Leaks
  • Sludge or corrosion
  • Unusual sounds
  • Old tank

Step 1  Test the water Feel the water. If you turn on a hot water tap and the water is cold, or if you expect to climb into a nice, hot shower and are blindsided by icy water, it’s probably time to replace your hot water tank. (more…)

Home Maintenance Tips

Prevent water damage to your home

  • Ensure that you know where your main and individual fixture shut off valves are in your home to prevent flooding.
  • Disconnect all hoses from outdoor frost free hose bibs before winter to prevent freezing.

Kitchen and bathroom

  • Install a pressure balancing valve to prevent scalding in the shower due to simultaneous usage of water appliances.
  • Garburator usage – run water 30 seconds after using your garburator
  • To fix a foul smell coming from your garburator: Place ice cubes and lemon peels in your disposer and run for 30 seconds. Then add some dishwashing liquid and run for another 30 seconds. Finish with a 30 second rinse of cold water to rinse away any remaining debris.


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